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End Credits

Posted in Uncategorized on June 1, 2014 by mchoffman

Thank you to everyone who supported our film program this spring at the Park Ridge Public Library. Though we didn’t set any attendance records in 2014, we still averaged about 69 patrons every week. It would’ve been easier to fill the meeting room with Marilyn Monroe or Judy Garland movies, but this series wasn’t about that. It was about turning the spotlight on Ann Harding and Irene Dunne, William Powell (pre-Thin Man) and Warner Baxter. Most of the films we played people had never heard of, so to average that many patrons a week for movies like Night Flight and Black Moon is something we are proud of accomplishing.

We’d like to acknowledge our friends in the media. There are so many people to thank in regards to the Pickwick Theatre Classic Film Series, of course, but here we’d like to single out those who specifically helped us with the Park Ridge Public Library Classic Film Series. Thank you to Jennifer Johnson of Pioneer Press for her article in the Park Ridge Herald-Advocate on our Irene Dunne show.

I am grateful to Maggie Thomann and Laura Scott of the Reader Services department for their support of the program, as well as to all the staff of the Park Ridge Public Library who pitched in and got the word out about this obscure series called “The Rediscovered.”

Thank you to Annette Bochenek for guest presenting on May 8 and for introducing our guest during our last show.

Though the films themselves were mostly unknown to the general public, the series wasn’t exactly low-key since we still had several important guests. Thank you to musician David Drazin for his wonderful piano accompaniment to West of Zanzibar on Opening Night in March. Though she was unable to visit us in person due to a medical emergency, we’d like to thank the daughter of Claude Rains, Jessica Rains, for taking the time (during a difficult time) to write us an introduction for our screening of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. (This show was the only collaboration between the Library’s classic film series and the Pickwick’s.) And finally, we’d like to express our sincere gratitude to Ann-Marie Streibich, granddaughter of Irene Dunne, who joined us with her husband on our Closing Night to speak about her famous grandmother.

The Park Ridge Public Library Classic Film Series will return next spring!

Until then, stay updated on all things classic film in Park Ridge by visiting our website: